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Paxton, Joseph - Paxton's Magazine of Botany and Register of Flowering Plants        (Vols. I - V)

PAXTON, Joseph (1803-1865). Paxton's Magazine of Botany, and register of flowering plants. London: Bradbury & Evans for Orr & Smith (vols.I-II) or W.S.Orr & Co. (vols.III-V), 1834-1838.

  5 volumes (of 16, vols. 1-5), (7" - 9.5"). 223 hand-colored engraved or lithographed flower plates by F.W. Smith or S. Holden, some folding, (Plate Index is shown at the bottom of this page). There are also numerous wood-engraved illustrations. Contemporary green cloth, spine gilt lettered. Bacon Free Library (bookplate). Pages in good crisp condition with no creasing to corners and free of tears and splits. Very little minor foxing to a few plates. The work is noted for the large number of exotic plants depicted, including many orchids, and for the richness and vibrancy of the hand-coloring.

The correct number of plates is not known with certainty, Stafleu and Cowan quote the New York Botanical Society copy (with 723 plates) but say that they "are not sure that 723 is the exact number of plates issued." Nissen calls for 768 plates. Nissen BBI 2351; Stafleu & Cowan 7554.


ALPHABETICAL LISTING (by common name) OF THE 223 plates found in vols. 1-5 .

Acacia pulchella, Acacia pretty zigzag spined,
Acacia vestita Acacia, Cunningham's,
Acacia longifolia, Acacia, long-leaved,
Aconitum Chinense Aconite, Chinese,
Aeschynanthus grandiflorus Aeschynantus, large-flowered,
Renanthera coccinea, Air-Plant, Chinese scarlet-flowered
Alstroemeria pelegrina alba Alstroemeria, white variety of spotted flowered,
Anigozanthus coccineus Amgozanthos, scarlet,
Angelonia salicaríaefolia Angelonia, willow-leaved,
Illicium floridanum Anise-seed tree, florida,
Anomatheca cruenta Anomatlieca, blood-spotted,
Aotus ericoides Aotus, Erica-like,
Statice arborea, Arboreus Statice,
Astelma eximium Astelma, fine,
Azalea marginata AZALEA, bordered-flowered,
Azalea Rawsonii Azalea, Captain Rawson's,
Azalea Danielsiana Azalea, Mrs. Captain Daniels',
Azalea pulchra Azalea, pretty,
Azalea Sinensis coccinea Azalea, scarlet bordered Chinese,
Epimedium violaceum Barren-wort violet-flowered,
Epimedium macranthum Barren-wort, large-flowered,
Clerodendrum speciosissimum Beautiful Scarlet Clerodendrum
Begonia platanifolia Begonia, platanus-leaved,
Begonia odorata, Begonia, sweet-scented,
Aristolochia trilobata Birthwort, three-lobed,
Bletia Shepherdii Bletia, Mr. Shepherd's,
Boronia crenulatai Boronia, crenate-leaved,
Boronia serrulata Boronia, saw-leaved,
Brugmansia Waymanmi, Brugmansia, Wayman's variety,
Oncidium papilio Butterfly plant,
Calandrinia grandiflora Calandrinia, great-flowered,
Calceolaria corymbosa, var. Talisman Calceolaria, Talisman, or Slipper-wort,
Calliopsis bicolor atrosanguinea Calliopsis, dark crimson, two-coloured,
Calochortus luteus Calochortus, beautiful,
Calochortue venustus Calocliortus, yellow-flowered,
Camellia reticulata Camellia, Captain Row's,
Camellia Japonica Chandlerii Camellia, Chandler's Japan,
Camellia mutabilis Camellia, changeable-flowered,
Camellia Japonica Cunninghami Camellia, Mr. Cunningham's Japan,
Camellia Japonica Fordii Camellia, Mr. Ford's Japan,
Camellia Pressii rosea Camellia, Press's rose-coloured,
Agrostemma Bungeana, Campion, Bunge's scarlet,
Capsicum ustulatum Capsicum, burning,
Antirrhinum majus caryophylloides Carnation-Like Snapdragon
Gardoquia Hookeri Carolina Gardoquia,
Cattleya labiata, Cattleya, crimson-lipped,
Cattleya crispa Cattleya, curled-petalled,
Cattleya intermedia Cattleya, middle-flowered,
Cattleya Harrisoniae, Cattleya, Mrs. Harrison's,
Ceanothus azureus Ceanothis, bine or azure flowered,
Hovea Celsi Cels's Hovea,
Chelone centranthifolium Chelone, Valerian-leaved,
Chilodia scutellarioides Chilodia, scutellaria-like,
Chironia trinervis Chironia, three-nerved,
Chorizema cordata Chorizema, heart-shaped-leaved,
Chorizema ovata, Chorizema, ovate-leaved,
Potentilla ferruginea Cinquefoil, rusly-brown flowered,
Clematis Sieboldii, Clematis, Siebold's,
Clematis coerulea, Clematis, violet-flowered,
Clerodendrum speciosissimum Clerodendrum, beautifal scarlet,
Clintonia pulcliella, Clintoma, pretty-flowered,
Collinsia bicolor Collinsia, two-coloured,
Comesperma gracilis Comesperma, slender,
Cypripedium calceolus Common ladies' slipper,
Erythrina Crista-galli Coral-tree Cockscomb,
Coryanthes macrantha Coryanthes, large-flowered,
Costus speciosus, Costus, showy-flowered,
Ribes sanguineum Currant, red-flowering,
Daviesia ulicina, Daviesia, furze-like leaved,
Hemerocallis Sieboldü Day Lily, Dr. Siebold's,
Dendrobium moschatum Dendrobiiim, musk-scented,
Dendrobium densiflorum Dendrobium, dense-flowered,
Dendrobium Gibsonii Dendrobium, Mr. Gibson's,
Dichorizandra Thyrsiflora Dichorizandra, thyrse-flowered,
Diliwynia glycinifolia, Dillwynia, glycine-leaved,
Diplopappus incanus Diplopappus, hoary,
Dryandra longifolia Dryandra, long-leaved,
Epacris impressa, Epacris,  impressed,
Epacris grandiflora Epacris, great-flowered,
Epacris impressa Epacris, impressed,
Epacris variabilis, Epacris, variable-flowered,
Epidendron fragrans Epidendron, fragrant flowered,
Epidendrum bicornutum Epidendrum, two-horned,
Epiphyllum splendidum Epiphyllum, splendid-flowering,
Escallonia Montevidensis Escallonia Montevideo,
Eschscholtzia crocea Eschscholtzia, saffron-coloured,
Euphorbia fulgens, Euphorbia, fulgent-flowered,
Eutoca Wrangeliana Eutoca, Baron Wrangel's,
Poinciana pulcherrima Flower-fence, very pretty,
Francisea Hopeana Francisea, one-flowered,
Dendrobium fimbriatum Fringed Dendrobium
Fuchsia globosa ; var. elegans, Fuchsia, elegant globe-flowered,
Fuchsia globosa Fuchsia, globe-flowered,
Fuchsia fulgens Fushsia, brilliant,
Kæmpferia rotunda Galangale, round-rooted,
Gentianoides, Gentian-like,
Gesneria Cooperi Gesneria, Mr. Cooper's,
Gesneria rupestris Gesneria, rock,
Gesneria Selloi, Gesneria, Sellow's,
Gilia Achillæfolia Gilia, three-colonred,
Clianthus puniceus Glory flower, crimson,
Gloxinia maxima Gloxinia, largest-flowered,
Gilia tricolor Grilia, milfoil-leaved,
Cratægus Oxyacantha rosea Hawthorn, dark rose-coloured,
Helichrysum macranthum Helichrysum, large-flowered,
Heliconia Brasiliensis Heliconia, Brazilian,
Hibiscus Lindlei Hibiscus, Mr. Lindley's,
Hibiscus splendens Hibiscus, splendid,
Hlibiscus Syriacus variegatus Hibiscus, variegated-flowered Syrian,
Tropceolum majus venustum Indian Cress, beautiful large-flowering,
Tropaeolum majus atrosanguineum Indian Cress, dark red,
Tropaeolum tricolorum Indian Cress, three-coloired,
Amaryllis formosissima Jacobea Lily,
Justicia coccinea Justicia, scarlet-flowering,
Kennedia coccinea elegans Keniedya, elegant scarlet,
Kennedia splendens Kennedia, splendid crimson,
Laelia anceps, Laelia, two-edged,
Delphinium Barlowii Larkspur, Mr. Barlow's,
Leptosiphon androsaceus Leptosiphon, androgace-like,
Leptosiphon densiflorus Leptosiphon, thick-flowered,
Leucothoe floribunda, Leucothoe, bundle-flowered,
Liatris borealis Liatris, northern,
Lilium speciosum Lily, showy Japan,
Lilium lancifolium roseum Lily, spotted, lance-leaved,
Lissochilus speciosus, Lissochilus, Griffin's showy,
Loasa lateritia Loasa, brick-red,
Lobelia fulgens, var. propinqua Lobelia, variety of the fulgent,
Ipomaea rubro-coerulea lpomaea, bluish red,   
Ipomaea Horsfalliae lpomaea, Mrs. Horsfall's,
Ipomopsis elegans lpomopsis, elegant flowered,
Ipomopsis picta lpomopsis, painted flowered,
Ixora Bandhuca lxora, bushy, or Bandhoota bush,
Ixora grandiflora lxora, great-flowered scarlet,
Phlox Drummondi Lychnidea, Mr. Drummond's,
Lychnis grandiflora Lychnis, great-flowered, or crowned,
Phlox cordata grandiflora Lyclinidea, large flowered cordate,
Muraltia Heisteria, Mallow, Heister's,
Malva Miinroana, Mallow, Mr. Munro's,
Malop trifida grandiflora Malope, great-flowered,
Manettia cordifolia Manettia, heart-leaved,
Marica cærulea Marica, blue-flowering,
Marica Sabini Marica, Captain Sabine's,
Maxillaria Deppei Maxillaria, M. Deppe's,
Maxillaria Harrisoniæ Maxillaria, Mr. Harrigon's,
Muraltia stipnlacea, Milkwort, stipular,
Mimulus cardinalis Mimulns, scarlet-flowered,
Mimulus Harrisonia, Mimulus, Harrison's,
Mimulus roseus Monkey Flower, rosy-flowered,
Mimulus variegatus Monkey Flower, variegated,
Mimulus Smithii Monkey Tlower, Mr. Smith's,
Chorizema Henchmannii MR. Henchman's Chorizema
Azalea Indica Smithii MR. Smith's Indian Azalea
Myanthus barbatus Myanthns, bearded.flowered,
Ismene Amancaes Narcissus-flowered Ismene,
Dendrobium moniliforme Necklace-like Dendrobium,
Nemophila insignis Nemophila, showy,
Nemophila atomaria Nemophila, speckled,
Enkianthus Reticulatus Netted-Leaved Enkianthus
Nierembergia intermedia Nierembergia, intermediate,
Solanum crispum Nightshade, curled,
Solanum Herbertianum Nightshade, Mr. Herbert's,
Nuttallia grandiflora Nuttallia, .large-flowered,
Nerium Thyrsiflorum Oleander, dense-flowered,
Oncidium divaricatum Oncidinm, cushion-lipped,
Oncidium Lanceaniim, Oncidium, Lance's,
Oncidium citrinum, Oncidium, lemon-flowered,
Pæonia edulis Reevesiana Paeony, Reeves',
Passiflora Kermesina Passion Flower, crimson,
Pentstemon Cobaea,  Pentstemon, Cobaea-flowered,
Petrea Stapelsise, Petrea, Stapelia-flowered,
Petunia linearis Petunia, linear-leaved,
Petunia violacea Petunia, purple-flowered,
Petunia nyctaginiflora violacea Petunia, violet, Marvel-of-Peru-flowered,
Phacelia vinifolia Phacelia, vine-leaved,
Phaius albus Phaius, white-flowered,
Physostegia imbricata Physostegia, imbricated-flowered,
Nepenthes distillatoria, Pitcher Plant,
Musa Cavendishii Plantain, the Cavendish,
Podolobium stauropliyllum, Podolohium, cross-leaved,
Poinsettia pulcherrima, Poinsettia, showy,
Eutaxia pungens Pungent-leaved Eutaxia,
Rhodanthe Manglesii Rhodanthe, Captain Mangles',
Rhodochiton volubile Rhodochiton, twining,
Rhododendron chamæcistus Rhododendron, ground-cistaus,
Rondeletia speciosa Rondeletia, showy,
Rhododendron arboreum Rose Bay Tree,
Rhododendron pulchrum Rose Bay, pretty flowered,
Russelia juncea, Russelia, rushy-leaved,
Salpiglossis linearis Salpiglossis, linear-leaved,
Pentstemon Murrayanus Scarlet Pentstemon,
Schizanthus pinnatus humilis Schizanthus, dwarf pinnated,
Schizanthus Priestii Schizanthus, Mr. Priest's,
Schizanthus retusus Schizantlins, blunt-petalled,
Pancratium calathinum, Sea-daffodil, cup-flowered,
Sarracenia purpurea Side-saddle flower, purple,
Sinningia guttata Sinningia, spotted-flowered,
Siphocampylus bicolor, Siphocampylus, two-coloured,
Calceolaria bicolor Slipper wort, two-colonred,
Calceolaria integrifolia viscosissima Slipper wort, very viscous,
Calceolaria corymbosa, var. Jupiter Slipper-wort, corymbose, variety Jupiter,
Calceolaria Hopeana Slipper-wort, Hope's,
Arbutus procera Strawberry-tree, tall,
Streptanthera cuprea Streptanthera, copper-coloured,
Asclepias tuberosa Swallow-wort, tuberous,
Silene laciniata Tacsonia pinnatistipula,
Thunbergia, var. alba Thunbergia, white-flowered,
Thunbergia alata Thunbergia, winged,
Impatiens scapiflora Touch-me-not, stemless,
Tropæolum Jarrattü Tropaeolum, Mr. Jarratt's,
Tropseolum brachyceras, Tropaeolum, short-spurred,
Tropæolum tuberosum Tropaeolum, tuberous-rooted,
Vanda teres Vanda, cylindrical-leaved,
Verbena Melindres Vervain, scarlet.flowering,
Verbena teucrioides Vervain, teticrium-like,
Verbena Tweediana, Vervain, Tweedie's scarlet,
Echium giganteum Viper's Bugloss, gigantic,
Telopea speciosissima Warratah, the,
Rhododendron arborea fimbriata White - fringed tree Rhododendron
Witsenia corymbosa Witsenia, corymbose-flowered,
Yucca aloifolia Yucca, aloe-leaved,
Zinnia violacea coccinea Zinnia, scarlet flowered,
Zygopetalum maxilIare, Zygopetahim, tooth-like flowered,
Zygopetalum Mackai Zygopetalum, Mr. Mackay's,


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