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WILD FLOWERS. Anne Pratt. 1902 NINETY-SIX CHROMOLITHOGRAPH IMAGES ON COMPACT DISC. Published in London by Society for Promoting Christian Knoweledge.


This CD presents 96 high resolution digital BMP images from the 1902 edition of Wild Flowers. These images can be printed directly from the CD or imported to Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, PaintShop Pro, Adobe PhotoDelux, PrintMaster and other popular painting and drawing programs and printed on quality inkjet paper producing stunning results suitable for framing. Or for designing your own greeting cards, posters, brochures and calendars.

These attractive antique chromolithograph plates were transferred from the 1902 publication of "Wild Flowers". These highly decorative plates are exquisitely colored. The illustrations of flowers are some of the most delicate. The originals measure 4 " x 5 " with bright vivid color. The coloring still intensely vivid and delicately applied have not been lost in these digital scans.

The print out size is the same size as the originals, if not enlarged or reduced. I have found that these Images print best on Ink Jet Matte paper. When printed directly from the CD, they are the actual size. (The same as the originals) and the result is an awesome print almost indistinguishable as a reproduction print, even when using a relatively inexpensive home ink jet printer.


  1. Wild Hyacinth or Bluebell
  2. Common Broom
  3. Germander Speedwell
  4. Bird's-foot Trefoil
  5. Scarlet Pimpernel
  6. Honeysuckle
  7. Herb Robert or Poor Robin
  8. Common Mallow
  9. Field Convolvulas
  10. Buttercup
  11. Sweet Violet
  12. Common Purple Trefoil
  13. Wood Strawberry
  14. Wood Anemone
  15. Furze, Gorse, or Whin
  16. Crab Apple
  17. Dog Rose
  18. Biting Stonecrop
  19. Rest-harrow
  20. Ivy-leaved Toadflax
  21. Long Prickly-beaded Poppy
  22. White Poppy
  23. Star Thistle
  24. Corn Bluebottle
  25. Harebell
  26. Corn Feverfew
  27. Wood Sorrel
  28. Common Fleabane
  29. Woody Nightshade or Bittersweet
  30. Coltsfoot
  31. Viper's Bugloss
  32. Ground Ivy
  33. Lesser Celandine or Pilewort
  34. Yellow Toadflax
  35. Red-berried Bryony
  36. Corn Marigold
  37. Common Fumitory
  38. White Dead Nettle
  39. Common Agrimony
  40. Common Yarrow or Milfoil
  41. Bee Orchis
  42. Common Ling, or Heath
  43. Dwarf Bed Battle
  44. Forget-me-not
  45. Common Borage
  46. Milkwort
  47. Common Centanry
  48. Fly Orchis
  49. Fine-leaved Heath
  50. Black Bryony
  51. Blue Succory
  52. Bibwort Plantain
  53. Traveller's Joy
  54. Knot Grass
  55. Perforated St. John's Wort
  56. Hound's Tongue
  57. Broad-leaved Garlic or Ransoms
  58. Saintfoin
  59. Common Ivy
  60. Meadow Saffron
  61. Michaelmas Daisy
  62. Cuckoo Pint
  63. Hedge Woundwort
  64. Meadow Vetchling
  65. Yellow Iris
  66. Narro-leavd Everlasting Pea
  67. Common Creeping Cinquefoil
  68. Common Bugle
  69. Nettle-leaved Bellflower
  70. Wood Loosestrife
  71. Common Soapwort
  72. Common Cistna or Bock Rose
  73. Common Enchanter's Nightshade
  74. Sweet Milk Vetch
  75. Common Eyebright
  76. Red Campion
  77. CommonSorrel
  78. Cuckoo Flower
  79. Bladder Campion
  80. Common Thrift
  81. Cathartic Flax
  82. Great Nettle
  83. Salad Bumet
  84. Shepherd's Needle
  85. Common Monse-ear Hawkweed
  86. Common Bramble or Blackberry
  87. Knotted Figwort
  88. Perfoliate Yellow Wwt
  89. Wild Thyme
  90. Dyer's Oreenweed
  91. Common Daisy
  92. Common Vervain
  93. Red Bartsia
  94. Lesser Broom Rape
  95. Common Pellitory of the Wall
  96. Small Woodruff

Anne Pratt was one of the more successful botanical artists of her gender and time. She was born on December 5th, 1806 in Stroud,Kent, the second of three daughters of Robert Pratt, a grocer, and Sara Bundock.

A frail child, Anne devoted much of her time to studying instead of playing childhood games. Consequently, she became quite learned in literary matters. She was educated at Eastgate House, near the Rochester Museum. Because she seemed such a lonely child, a Scottish friend of the family, Dr. Dodds, introduced her to botany. She was instantly enthralled with the subject. Her older sister encouraged Anne's interest by collecting plants and flowers and bringing them back to the house. In this way, Anne accumulated a fine herbarium and continued to sketch and study plants.

In 1826, when she was twenty years old, Anne Pratt left home and moved to Brixton to live with friends. There, she tried to get her work published. It took her several years before her first book appeared in print.



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