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PARIS 1867

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This CD disc presents 52 high resolution digital BMP images of personified flowers from the 1867 edition of Les Fleurs Animées. This edition exhibits the strongest hand coloring of all and was heightened with gum Arabic (acacia gum). These images can be printed directly from the CD or imported to Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Adobe Illustrator, PaintShop Pro, Adobe PhotoDelux, PrintMaster and other popular painting and drawing programs and printed on quality inkjet paper producing stunning results suitable for framing. Or for designing your own greeting cards, posters, brochures and calendars.

This CD contains the entire collection of original images as well as a set which has been digitally enhanced in the transfer to CD as in the scan below. These web images are electronically watermarked, the CD images are not.

Les Fleurs Animées are a series of delightful Victorian prints illustrating flowers personified in the form of lovely maidens and their animal followers. Each early 19th-century charming female figure is richly costumed in the leaves, blossoms and garlands that designate her flower. She presides in an appropriate 'natural' setting, often surrounded by anthropomorphized insects and birds that pay her homage. This was Grandville's favorite work displaying his fascination with an animated and psychological fertile natural world.

Gordon Ray, Art of the French Illustrated Book, 198: "A little world is created, governed by its own laws. His first biographer wrote: "The Fleurs Animées are the very thought of Grandville; they were his favorite work, the work into the execution of which he put all that was in him of poetic and gracious originality, of dexterity of mind and observation, of that prodigious perspicacity which made divine affinities hitherto unperceived by anyone and discover new worlds.


  1. V1-F Front
  2. V1-017 Bluet et Coquelicot - Annual Bluebottle and Corn poppy
  3. V1-025 Lis (Lily)
  4. V1-037 Pensée - Pansy, Viola tricolor, Heartsease
  5. V1-069 Tabac. (Tobacco) - Nicotiana
  6. V1-081 Tulipe (Tulip)
  7. V1-091 Rose
  8. V1-115 Narcisse - Daffodil, Narcissus
  9. V1-127 Violette (Violet)
  10. V1-147 Water Lily, Nenuphar, Nymphæa
  11. V1-157 Laurier - Sweet Bay, True Laurel
  12. V1-158 Myrte - Myrtle
  13. V1-167 Chevre - Feuille. (Honey Suckle).
  14. V1-177 Camelia
  15. V1-189 Immortelle (Everlasting)
  16. V1-193 Marguerite Daisy, Bellis
  17. V1-201 Belle-de-Nuit
  18. V1-219 Oeillet (Carnation),
  19. V1-273 Hemlock. Cigue. Cicuta.
  20. V1-279 Lin - bluebonnet (Flax).
  21. V1-281 Soleil - Sunflower
  22. V1-283 Fleur de Grenadier (Pomegranate)
  23. V1-305 Pavot (Poppy)
  24. V1-309 Fleur D'Oranger (Orange Blossom)
  25. V1-313 Chardon (Thistle)
  26. V1-321 Wild Rose. Eglantine. Rosa Canina.
  27. V1-327 Capucine. (Nasturtium).
  28. V1-330 Guimauve (Marsh Mallow)
  29. V1-337 Primrose and Snowdrop. Primevere -Perce Neige. Primula Veris -Galanthus.
  30. V2-F Front
  31. V2-006 Pois De Senteur. (Sweet Pea).
  32. V2-007 Cactus
  33. V2-010 Dahlia.
  34. V2-012 Sensitive (Mimosa)
  35. V2-013 De Pecher. (Peach Blossom).
  36. V2-022 Aubepine (Hawthorn)
  37. V2-025 Vigne (Grape Vine. )
  38. V2-039 Forget me not. Myosotis. Myosotis arvensis.
  39. V2-051 Mourning Bride and Marigold. Scabieuse et Souci. Scabiosa et Calendula.
  40. V2-055 Traite de Kleurs - The Flower Market. Anemone. Geranium. Gillyflower. Ranunculus.
  41. V2-063 Water Arrow. Fleche-D'Eau. Calla palustris.
  42. V2-084 Crown Imperial Hortensia. Couronine Imperiale Hortansia. Fritillaria Imperialis Hortensia Opuloides. ( Hydrangéa)
  43. V2-101 Jasmine
  44. V2-112 Verveine (Verbena)
  45. V2-121 Giroflee. (Wall flower).
  46. V2-125 The et Café
  47. V2-133 Lilas (Lilacs)
  48. V2-137 Tuberose. Jonquil.
  49. V2-141 The Ball. China Aster. Canterbury Bell (Campanula). Lady's Ear Drop (Fuchsia). Larkspur (Delphinum). Lily of the Valley. Pyramidale Bell Flower. Morning Glory.
  50. V2-146 Return of the Flowers. Retour des Fleurs.
  51. V2-149 Erratum - Olive. Marvel of Peru. Everlasting. Myrtle. Tobacco. Laurel.
  52. V2-154 La Pervenche dessechee (Periwinkle)
  53. V2-Pl.1 Botanical engraving plate 1
  54. V2-Pl. 2 Botanical engraving plate 2








J.J. Grandville ( Jean Ignace Isidore Gerard), was borne in France on Sept 15, 1803, and died in Paris on Mar. 17, 1874 Gerard was a French caricaturist, fantasist, illustrator, and graphic artist noted for his inventive political and social satire. Like many of the famous caricaturists of the period such as Honore Daumier, Grandville worked for Charles Philipon, contributing drawings to the periodicals La Caricature and Le Charivari. His satirical series included Metamorphoses du jour (present-day Metamorphoses; 1829), Un Autre Monde Another World; 1844), and Scenes de la vie privee et publique des animaux (1842; Public and Private Life of Animals). He created the illustrations for Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels (1838), Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe (1840) and Chevalier's Don Quichotte de la manche (1848). Grandville's fantastic anthropomorphic figures combining human and animal characteristics have been considered among the sources for Sir John Tenniel's illustrations in Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. It has also been said that he was an influence on Dore, Hugo, Kafka, and Walt Disney. Bibliography: Appelbaum, Stanley, ed., Bizarreries and Fantasies of Grandville (1974).

This collection is referenced at the Smithsonian Museum of American History.

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