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The Thanatophidia of India - Venomous Snakes of the Indian Peninsula. 1874 TWENTY-NINE CHROMOLITHOGRAPH IMAGES ON COMPACT DISC and 3 Plain. By Sir Joseph Fayrer, Published by J. and A. Churchill: New Burlington Street London


This CD contains 28 high-resolution digital BMP images of Venomous Snakes that appeared in Sir Joseph Fayrer's "The Thanatophidia of India - Venomous Snakes of the Indian Peninsula" and 3 plain. These images were transferred from the 13" x 18" original very high quality full-color chromolithographs. They have been scaled to print out on 8 " x 11" paper. These images can be printed directly from the CD or imported to Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Adobe Illustrator, Paint Shop Pro, Adobe PhotoDelux, PrintMaster and other popular painting and drawing programs and printed on quality inkjet paper producing stunning results suitable for framing. Or for designing your own greeting cards, posters, brochures and calendars.

One additional image of six venomous snakes is included on the CD, from the Supplement to "Humans and the Earth" by Hans Kramer. This Plate depicts 6 poisonous Indian snakes: Indian Cobra, Russels Viper, Banded Sea Snake, King Cobra and a Krait.

Sir Joseph Fayrer(1824-1907) published profusely on health, disease and venomous animals in India. His Thanatophidia of India is one of the great classics of zoology, describing all the venomous snakes of the Indian peninsula - Garrison, 426.


FAYRER, SIR JOSEPH, Bart. (1824-1907), English physician, was born at Plymouth on the 6th of December 1824. After studying medicine at Charing Cross hospital, London, he was in 1847 appointed medical officer of H.M.S. Victory, and soon afterwards accompanied the 3rd Lord Mount-Edgcumbe on a tour through Europe, in the course of which he saw fighting at Palmero and Rome. Appointed an assistant surgeon in Bengal in 1850, he went through the Burmese campaign of 1852 and was political assistant and Residency surgeon at Lucknow during the Mutiny. From 1859 to 1872 he was professor of surgery at the Medical College of Calcutta, and when the Prince of Wales made his tour in India he was appointed to accompany him as physician. Returning from India, he acted as president of the Medical Board of the India office from 1874 to 1895, and in 1896 he was created a baronet. Sir Joseph Fayrer, who became a fellow of the Royal Society in 1877, wrote much on subjects connected with the practice of medicine in India, and was especially known for his studies on the poisonous snakes of that country and on the physiological effects produced by their virus (Thanatophidia of India, 1872). In 1900 appeared his Recollections of my Life. He died at Falmouth on the 21st of May 1907.


    1 Naja tripudianus var.Khoya Gokurrah

    2 Naja tripudianus var. Dudia Keautiah

    3 Naja tripudianus var. Bans-bunnia Keautiah

    4 Naja tripudianus var. Macrra Keautiah,Tentuliah Keautiah

    5 Naja tripudianus var.Gerribhanga Keautiab, Tentuliah Kurrees Keautiah

    6 Naja tripudianus Khoyah Gokurrah, Kurrees Gokurrah, Dudia Kurrees Gokurrah

    7 Ophiophagus elaps (Dusky Variety)

    8 Ophiophagus elaps

    9 Bungarus fasciatus

    10 Bungarus caeruleus, Callophis macclellandii

    11 Daboia russellii

    12 Echis carinata

    13 Trimeresurus carinatus

    14 Trimeresurus anamallensis, erythrurus

    15 Trimeresurus monticola, andersonii

    16 Trimeresurus strigatus, Halys himalayanus

    17 Hypnale nepa (Carawala), Pelamis bicolor

    18 Enhydrina bengalensis

    19 Platurus fischeri

    20 Hydrophis jerdonii

    21 Hydrophis robusta

    22 Hydrophis crassicollis

    23 Hydrophis cyanocincta

    24 Hydrophis stewartii, curta

    25 Hydrophis nigra, nigrocincta

    26 Hydrophis coronata

    27 Hydrophis chloris

    28 Hydrophis stricticollis

    29 Method of handling the Snake-Muscular Apparatus for erecting Fangs.

    30 Muscles of the Head, Fangs - diagram of the head Shields.

    31 Fangs, Teeth

    32 Supplement to "Humans and the Earth"

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