Billbergia Zebrina Lindl. .
Belgium 1872
Plate Markings: Genus & Species
Belg. Hort, 1872 Pl. IV-V.

This attractive original (not a reproduction print) antique print is from the 1872 Belgique Horticole. This stunning full-paged triple foldout botanical measure 9 ˝"x 13". Offered here is the original chromolithograph, with bright vivid colors botanically correct and very beautiful. Unique to this botanical is the year of production appearing at the foot of the print. The edges are untrimmed and the scan shows the area to be framed. The A COPY OF THE ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIVE TEXT (in French) is included Please view picture below.

The Ending of the nineteenth century produced magnificent publications brought about through the impetus of botanical exploration, which reached its peak just before the turn of the century. The body of art and science were tightly interwoven. It was a time when the natural sciences spawned the most artful expression of the printer’s craft ever achieved.

Painters of flowers are perhaps more numerous than painters of birds. Certainly, their folios of original paintings and drawings are in every herbarium, such as Kew in England, the queen of the world’s herbaria. The last quarter of the nineteenth century gave rise to the development of the many -stone chromolithographic process in which as many as 20 different litho stones or color separations had to be prepared.

During the 19th century Belgium became the center of flower and fruit cultivation on the European continent and a number of important publications were produced. LA BELGIQUE HORTICOLE began publication in 1851 and captured beautifully colored botanical chromolithographs. Ghent (Gand) was the center of Horticulture and market gardening. It is one of Belgium’s oldest cities and the historic capital of Flanders. This beautiful botanical offered here was lithographed in Ghent Belgium also known as “The City of Flowers”

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